• Polyketone resin
  • Aldehyde resin
  • Rosin resin
  • Waterborne resin
  • Chloroacetic resin
  • UV curing resin
  • Wax powder
  • Bentonite
  • bactericide

Polyketone resin

HBX series aldehyde ketone resins can be dissolved in all solvents commonly used in the coating industry except water and aliphatic hydrocarbons, such as alcohols, ketones, esters, ethers and their mixed solvents.

HBX-120 aldehyde ketone resin is used for plastic surface ink, plastic composite ink, etc.
The softening point of HBX-130 aldehyde ketone resin is about 130 ℃, which is suitable for high temperature resistant milk bag ink and high temperature resistant candle ink system.
HBX-1210 aldehyde ketone resin is free of heavy metals, non-toxic and more environmentally friendly due to the use of special materials and special processes.

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Polyketone resin

Aldehyde resin

HBX series aldehyde resins are soluble in most solvents used in coatings, such as alcohols, esters, ketones, ethers, aromatic solvents, fatty hydrocarbon solvents, etc.

HBX-a81Aldehyde resin is especially suitable for preparing hot-melt road marking paint. It has excellent adhesion to the substrate, improves the impact resistance, and can significantly improve the water resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the system.

HBX- A101Aldehyde resin is especially suitable for preparing hot-melt road marking paint. It has excellent adhesion to the substrate, improves the impact resistance, and can significantly improve the water, corrosion and weather resistance of the system.

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Aldehyde resin

Rosin resin

HBX-422# and HBX-424# are a group of light colored and stable modified natural maleic acid glycerin resins, which are developed by refining, decolorizing and modifying processes with rosin and unsaturated polyacid as basic raw materials.

HBX-422Heat refining polymerization with vegetable oil can be applied to phenolic paint. Adding polyester, nitro and polyurethane paint can improve the hardness, brightness and burnability of paint wax.

HBX-424Used in paint and coating industry. The coating made of this product miscible with polyester, nitrocellulose and alkyd resin has strong film adhesion, water resistance, heat resistance, fast drying, high hardness and fullness.

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Rosin resin

Waterborne resin

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Waterborne resin

Chloroacetic resin

High molecular weight binary chloroacetic acid resin has roughly 87% vinyl chloride and 14% vinyl acetate. HBX-14 provides an ideal balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermoplastic.

HBX-13 is usually dissolved in relatively strong ketone systems to provide a resin solution with a solid content of 13% - 17%.

HBX-95 is usually dissolved in a relatively strong solvent / diluent combination, such as ketone solvent / aromatic diluent (50 / 50 wt%). It is mainly used in maintenance paint, PVC paper ink, magnetic card and magnetic card adhesive, rubber and plastic products, cable material and compact disc.

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Chloroacetic resin

UV curing resin

The UV oligomer with the brand names of hbx-3204 and 3305 is transparent liquid in appearance and 100% in solid content
The following performances are excellent:
Leveling, fullness, hardness, tenacity and curing speed.


HBX-3305Used for UV plastic coating, UV large area spraying, UV wood coating, UV screen ink, vacuum electroplating UV primer.


HBX-3204Used for UV plastic coating, UV large area spraying, UV wood coating, UV screen ink, vacuum electroplating UV primer。

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UV curing resin

Wax powder

HBX-3620 is a fine American micro powder wax with high hardness, high melting point, good particle shape and concentrated particle size range, neat molecular weight and easy dispersion. It is suitable for various types of inks.


HBX-3620The raw material is hard wax imported from the United States, which is suitable for solvent based coatings and inks, especially thin coating coatings and inks. It can greatly improve the wear resistance of inks and reduce the friction coefficient of inks. It has good adaptability to benzene soluble inks, alcohol soluble inks and ester soluble inks. Polyethylene wax is dispersed in aromatic and aliphatic solvents, which can increase the precipitation resistance of coatings and inks

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Wax powder


Bentonite provides excellent spatial layered structure, excellent thixotropic thickening, and effectively delays precipitation. With cellulose, xanthan gum, guar gum, Arabic gum and aqueous alkali swelling thickener, the anti sedimentation effect is more effective.


1. Waterborne inorganic gels have good rheology and absorbability.
2. High shear, low viscosity, good fluidity, good dispersion, high thixotropic value and high whiteness.
3. It has good plasticity and lubricity, high dry bonding strength, high shear and compression strength, especially suitable for aqueous adhesive system.
4. The coating can replace part of titanium dioxide and improve the whiteness of the product.

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Bactericides, also known as biocides, bactericides and algicides, microbicides, etc., usually refer to chemical agents that can effectively control or kill microorganisms in the water system - bacteria, fungi and algae. Internationally, it is usually used as the general name of agents for the prevention and treatment of various pathogenic microorganisms.

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application area

Used in adhesive, ink industry and coating industry


Due to its low softening point, hbx-80f aldehyde ketone resin has very good adhesion and is better than hbx-120 aldehyde ketone resin. It is widely used in various solvent adhesives. It is recommended to use 3% - 10% in the whole system. (recommended by the Engineer)

Ink industry

The matching use of HBx series aldehyde ketone resin with raw materials such as nitrocellulose and polyamide resin can improve the gloss, adhesion, pigment wettability, printability, color retention and solid content of the system, and reduce the freezing point of polyamide resin

Coating industry

HBx series aldehyde ketone resin can endow the coating layer with ideal fullness, gloss, adhesion, brightness, toughness, hardness, impact resistance, yellowing resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and can improve the wettability of pigment and leveling of coating. High solid content coatings can be configured by using its low viscosity.

Automobile manufacturing

It is used in the manufacture of automotive repair paint, motorcycle paint and bicycle paint, which can improve the luster, improve the wetting performance of pigment, increase the hardness, excellent yellowing resistance and weather resistance, and shorten the drying time. It is suggested that the addition amount of hbx-a81 / A101 aldehyde resin in the whole system should be 2% - 6%.

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It is mainly engaged in fine chemicals such as polyketone resin, aldehyde ketone resin and UV curing resin

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